Color variations

The choice of color depends solely on the personal preferences. Some colors have a greater response and carry positive information. Others, on the contrary, repel and create tension. Therefore, choosing colors, I try to give a client a choice of freedom. Founded a special color print with which it resonates. It should also be understood that the colors on the screen and the colors in the printing industry are two different elements. Work with color for printing is limited to the color range CMYK. All this is taken into account when creating printed materials.



The idea to combine the capital letters of the name and surname lies on the surface, but how to do it harmoniously and show the type of activity?! After a few pencil sketches, a suitable option was found. A good symbol can fit into virtually any shape and can be used as an independent design element.


Business Cards

A business card should not only be memorable, but also carry a maximum of useful information. This is a 3D visualization in the color space RGB. Anna chose a light version and she was provided with ready-to-print layouts in the color space CMYK.

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