Our payment details

Yandex.Money: 410014388064758

When making a money transfer, please indicate in the clause the purpose or purpose of the transfer (comment): “Material support for the project.”

If you want to support us financially, but there is no way convenient for you, please write to us by mail:, we will definitely come up with something!

Why support us?

If you liked our game or what we are doing, why not make a contribution to the development of the project? We are sure that any work deserves a reward.

Where does the money go?

The money will go to pay for servers and support projects.

To answer the question: how much money is needed for the project, you need to understand what the game, website or application consists of.

The graphic component is all that you see on the screen of your devices. This includes: user interface, pictures, animations, etc. This work is done by the designer. It’s good if he is a generalist and can create animations. Usually this is done by different people.

Sound is all you can hear. This is music, various sounds, melodies, sound effects. A musician and sound engineer works on the sound. Or man who can convert noise to the beautiful harmony song.

The technical part - developing a game or program involves writing code, this is done by the programmer. It combines the work created by other team members into a finished project. He keeps his finger on the pulse, fixes bugs, but sometimes he creates new ones.

Depending on the type of game or application, you may need: a copywriter-editor for working with text, translators, marketers, and many other specialists to solve various problems.

Let’s be realistic, how many people are willing to work “for a bright idea”? In short, it’s not enough. Most likely, the number of such “volunteers” tends to zero. The world is not without good people, so you can contribute.

How to help the project?

Not everyone has the opportunity to help financially, we know that!

But everyone can:

  • Tell your friends about us.
  • Share a link to the official sources of the game.
  • Download the game and write an honest review.
  • Report problems or errors found.
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