I published a game for children, they say: «the first pancake is always lumpy», and you like the feathered little ball Umpi?

What do you do?

I develop educational games, create and implement interesting projects. I try to bring a piece of light into this world. Having learned the versatility of life, I decided that I would not limit myself to one hobby. I like working with graphics, writing code, exploring sound. For a harmonious existence, I must be flexible and fluid, like this ever-changing world.

Important to me

  • Search for harmony in shapes, colors, sounds
  • Create interesting, practical, recognizable things
  • Participate in projects that are of real benefit
  • Continue to study and not stop there

Road to the stars!

If tomorrow in the news, you will find out that the OMNISCAPHE recorded a music album or discovered a new kind of starfish, do not worry, I continue to carry the light.
I really like to do what the soul is for. If the path has a heart, I follow it. Best regards!

Contact me

If you have a business proposal or you just want to tell something good, write me. I will be happy to answer for your questions: