Nebula, Phoenix, Vega

Representatives of the cosmetic brand AlienCos sought my assistance. They had recently introduced six new products and required an exquisite presentation in the market. The task at hand involved crafting informational cards for a prominent online marketplace.

The objectives were as follows:

  • Develop top-notch 3D models.
  • Create visuals that encapsulated the essence of the brand’s concept.
  • Adhere to the designated “space-inspired” theme.
  • Craft a style and implement the design of the cards for the marketplace.

To facilitate this endeavor, comprehensive product specifications, photographs, and textures were provided for the creation of realistic 3D models.


Apus, Pads A, Pads B

A thorough examination of the cosmetic products, including their packaging, texture, review of provided textual content, and a competitive market analysis regarding the visual execution of informational cards, was conducted.

Subsequently, the following scope of work was defined and executed:

  • Detailed creation of 3D models for the products.
  • Crafting unique backgrounds for each image.
  • Rendering of the products in a realistic manner from various perspectives.
  • Development of a style for presenting visual information.
  • Formulation of a concept and color palette.
  • Artistic retouching of model photographs.
  • Typography work.
  • Crafting unique icons and other infographic elements.

The presented project was carried out with meticulous attention to detail. Every aspect was carefully considered to yield informative and impressive compositions, capable of capturing the attention of potential customers and reinforcing the brand identity of AlienCos.

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